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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saying Good-bye

When Show, Tell, Share was first started 2 years ago, it was with the intention to be a place where a few friends could share recipes, ideas and  projects with each other and the world. 

Since life never stays the same, we have gone through many changes. And finally it has come down to the simple but inevitable truth, that we have all moved on. Some of us are happily busy with life, others are struggling with heavy challenges and some just felt a need for change or simply just could not find the time or energy to craft let alone take pictures and blog about it. 

We are saying 'good-bye' to you, our readers. Show, Tell, Share will no longer have new posts. All your old favorites will stay where they are, so if you bookmarked a link you will always find it. Some posts have been moved to a new home, no worries though. A link to the new site was provided in those posts. Otherwise, Show,Tell,Share will be stripped of widgets, buttons and Google Friend Connect and all the fluff.

We have great memories and leaving up the posts will be a wonderful reminder of the fun we all had.

You can still find a few of us in the world of blogs and we would love to see you stop by.

 If you would like to see what Idealeon is doing, please visit her personal blog, Idealeon or her business blog, Mockingbird Designs.

I (Dora) now post at Untrendy Life with Rachel

Thank you for all your comments, questions and for reading! We appreciate all of you and hope you will join us in our new adventures!